AGFA Images

ADC70 DICOM Images on NEMA DICOM CD 1997

The ADC70 is capable of generating different DICOM image formats. The following 2 formats are recorded on this CD:

  1. ) 12 bit DICOM image scaled to Relative Log Exposure (ADCLERXX.DCM),
  2. ) 12 bit DICOM image scaled to Relative Optical Densities (ADCODRXX.DCM)

Image format a) contains the full, 12-bit scanned (MUSICA processed) data. The sensitometric user (taste) LUT, as selected on the ADC70 (e.g. E25, RP1KT), is sent along with the DICOM stream by means of a sequenced VOI LUT. This DICOM image format is used for Agfa ADC70 to IMPAX connections, as it transfers full scanned data with associated LUT information. Other vendors can also use it. However, it does require implementation of the DICOM VOI LUT module, in order to interpret the LUT data. The image is unified to Relative Log Exposure, since the scanned data is directly proportional to the logarithmic unit of exposure on the imaging plate.

Available ADC Relative Log-E images:

Image format b) contains 12-bit post-processed data scaled to Relative Optical Densities. After the ADC70 has found the relevant portion of the scanned data, it will apply MUSICA as well as the sensitometric user (taste) LUT. The resulting 12-bit post-processed data will be sent along with a linear DICOM Modality and VOI LUT. The receiving network or workstation is expected to apply the information in the Modality and VOI LUT. In this way, the actual image will be unified to Relative Optical Densities. Note that the full Window (4095) and Level (2047) values are given in pixel values. Availble ADC Rel OD images: