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DICOMscope is a free DICOM viewer which can display uncompressed, monochrome DICOM images from all modalities and which supports monitor calibration according to DICOM part 14 as well as presentation states. DICOMscope offers a print client (DICOM Basic Grayscale Print Management) which also implements the optional Presentation LUT SOP Class. The development of this prototype was commissioned by the "Committee for the Advancement of DICOM" and demonstrated at the European Congress of Radiology ECR 1999. An enhanced version was developed for the "DICOM Display Consistency Demonstration" at RSNA InfoRAD 1999. The current release 3.5.1 has been demonstrated at ECR 2001 and contains numerous extensions, including a print server, support for encrypted DICOM communication, digital signatures and structured reporting.

DICOMscope is not meant as a competition for commercial DICOM viewers. The application is rather a feasibility study for DICOM presentation states. The program is not appropriate to be used in a clinical environment, e.g. for reporting.

Disclaimer: This software is made available, as is, and OFFIS, the Institute for Microtherapy / VISUS-TT and OTech make no warranty regarding the software, its performance, its merchantability or fitness for any particular use, freedom from any computer diseases or its conformity to any specification. The entire risk as to quality and performance of the software is with the user. This software is intended for investigational use only. It has not been tested or approved for clinical application or production environments.

System requirements

DICOMscope 3.5.1 requires Windows 9x, Me, NT, 2000 or XP and a "True Color" display. We recommend at least 64MB of RAM and a Pentium II or similar.

DICOMscope 3.5.1 for Windows (July 2001)

DICOMscope can be downloaded either as a ZIP archive or as a self-extracting archive. Additionally, the Java Runtime Environment Version 1.3 (or later) is required. This environment is freely available on the Sun Webserver.

zip filedswin351.zip
DICOMscope 3.5.1
exe filedswin351.exe
DICOMscope 3.5.1, self-extracting archive
Download of the Java 1.3 Runtime Environment for Windows 9x/Me/NT/2000/XP from http://java.sun.com

By downloading the software, you agree with the above mentioned conditions, especially with the limitation of its use for clinical environments.

Documentation of DICOMscope 3.5.1

There is a user manual and a conformance statement available for DICOMscope. Some handouts distributed at DICOMscope demonstrations can also be downloaded.

pdf filedscs35.pdf
Conformance Statement (English)
pdf filedsum351.pdf
User Manual (English)
pdf filersna99ho.pdf
RSNA 1999 Handout (English)
pdf filersna00ho.pdf
RSNA 2000 Handout (English)
pdf fileecr01ho.pdf
ECR 2001 Handout (English)

Source code of DICOMscope 3.5.1

DICOMscope is based on the OFFIS DICOM Toolkit DCMTK 3.5.0. The graphical user interface has been implemented by the Institute for Microtherapy in Java 1.3.

zip filedsgui351.zip
Java source code
zip filedcmtk350.zip
DCMTK 3.5.0

Other versions of DICOMscope

The binary package of the current version 3.6.0 is already available, the source code packages, unfortunately, not yet completely.

In addition, old versions of DICOMscope are still available for download via ftp or http.

OFFIS Structured Reports

This archive contains a number of DICOM Structured Reporting documents including referenced images. The sample documents have been created by OFFIS for the ECR 2001 demonstration.

zip filesrdoc102.zip
OFFIS SR Documents for DICOMscope 3.5.1
zip filesrdoc103.zip
OFFIS SR Documents for DICOMscope 3.6.0
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