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CAR '97 DICOM Demonstration CD

Free DICOM Image Viewers

This CD does not contain any DICOM Image Viewing software. However, in addition to the commercial, professional DICOM review software available for instance from the vendors participating in the CAR '97 DICOM Demonstration, there are some free DICOM Image Viewers available which can be downloaded over the Internet.

References to free DICOM viewers are given below. The producers of this CD assume no responsibility for the suitability of the referenced software for any particular purpose. One should not use the performance of free viewer software in terms of speed, ease of use or image quality, to evaluate the usefulness of DICOM Media. Please also note the file format and image quality notices on the disclaimer page.


Dr Razz

Organization Thurman Gillespy III, M.D.
Department of Radiology
University of Washington
Seattle, Washington, USA
Supported Platforms MacOS (68k, PPC)
Supported Modalities Any 8/16-bit grayscale,
uncompressed DICOM image
Available from


Organization Digital Imaging Unit
of the University Hospital of Geneva,
24 Micheli-du-Crest,
1211 Geneva 14, Switzerland
Supported Platforms Windows 3.11/95/NT,
MacOS (68k, PPC)
Supported Modalities All
DICOMDIR Support Yes
Available from
(follow the OSIRIS hyperlink)

NIH Image

Organization National Institutes of Health (NIH)
Bethesda, Maryland 20892
Supported Platforms MacOS (68k, PPC)
Supported Modalities Unspecified
Available from